Life Homeschool Ministries Policy

This policy contains guidelines and expectations of Life Homeschool Ministries (Life HM). The term “you” or “your” refers to the parent or guardian. The term “he” or “his” refers to the student, whether masculine or feminine.

Life HM Vision Statement

Our vision is to raise our children to know, love, worship, and obey the One True God of the Bible, and to discover and develop their God-given skills and talents and fulfill His purposes for their life in the world.

Life Mission Statement

We desire to encourage and support families that choose to educate their children at home by providing once a week supplemental classes, encouraging friendships, and building life skills with a Biblical framework.

Mediation Agreement

Should a complaint arise concerning our volunteer requirement, services that we receive at Life Homeschool Ministries, a behavior issue with another child or adult, or any other important issue, we are humbly committed to working through the issue under the authority of Life Homeschool Ministries Leadership, using Biblical principles of mediation, rather than through the civil courts.

Membership and Class Fees

Every family will pay a membership fee each semester. The membership fee is $50 per family. The membership fees pay for the administrative supplies, and group expenses, as well as earned leadership benefits. Classes are individually priced. All fees will be paid in full before classes begin unless an exception has been filed.

Refund Policy

Life HM reserves the right to cancel membership for any reason. ALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Exception: A refund will be given in the event a class is cancelled.

Membership Requirements

All members must agree to all of the policies and procedures. All members must agree to the Statement of Faith. All members must attend a brick and mortar church. If members attend a home church, they must provide a statement of beliefs from their home church at the initial interview.

Good Standing

A member in good standing:

  • Is faithful and available for volunteer times.

  • Cheerfully and effectively carries out assigned responsibilities.

  • Is responsible for your own children’s actions, attitude and dress while at Life HM functions.

  • Works well with other members.

  • Exhibits the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) rather than the acts of the flesh. Galatians 5:19-26

Membership Termination

Membership can be terminated by the Life HM Leadership at any time for any of the following infractions:

  • Failure to fulfill volunteer/coordinator requirements.

  • Failure to pay fees in full to Life HM by the specified due date.

  • Failure to support and uphold the guidelines set forth.

  • Not consistently and regularly exhibiting the fruits of the spirit, or for unrepentant acts of the flesh.

Standards of Conduct for Students and Parents

  1. Respect Authority. I Peter 5:5. Parents and students are expected to respect those in authority.

  2. Appropriate Language. Psalms 19:14 and 2 Timothy 2:16. Parents and students are expected to use language that brings glory to God and to refrain from gossip and slanderous talk. Ephesians 4:29 and 1 Peter 2:1

  3. Appropriate Behavior. Philippians 2:3 and Titus 2:12. Parents and students are expected to behave in a Christ-like manner.

Expectations for Parents

  • You are responsible for your children while at Life HM.

  • You will help keep clean any area used by Life HM.

  • You are responsible for your children and must be in the building while they are at Life HM.

  • If it is necessary for you to leave the building you will need to:

  1. Sign out at the information desk and provide a phone number for emergencies.

  2. Make sure an adult is responsible for your child in your absence and your child knows who that person is.

Parent Volunteer Requirements

Life HM is able to offer its classes and programs for a reasonable price because it relies upon its volunteers. For every Life HM family, one parent or guardian is expected to volunteer one hour for each class. All volunteer positions are a weekly commitment for the entire semester. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill your duties on any given week, it will be your responsibility to: 1) notify the volunteer coordinator and 2) notify the teacher or person with whom you are working. If the volunteer requirement is not fulfilled, there is a fee of $50 per hour up to 3 hours (follows the same terms as the volunteer time) for each hour of class time that is not fulfilled by volunteer service. If the fee is not paid, your family will be prohibited from enrolling at Life the following semester.

School Day Expectations for Students

The student will:

  • Be on time, prepared for class, and turn in assignments on time

  • Not cheat or plagiarize

  • Not talk while the teacher is speaking, remain in seats until given permission to get up, and not leave classroom until dismissed by the teacher

  • Keep hands to himself and only speak kind words

  • Not deface any of the church property or run and make loud noises while in the church building

  • No toys, cell phones or electronic devices brought to class; a teacher has the right to confiscate them at any time

  • No bullying or harassing others

  • No physical contact between members of the opposite sex unless within the same family

  • No discussion of boyfriends, girlfriends, or dating issues

  • Students are not allowed in any area without an adult present.

Dress Code

Clothing should be modest and appropriate (I Timothy 2:9). This applies to both adults and students alike.

  • Shirts and Tops – Members must wear a shirt or top with regular armholes. No oversized armholes or ripped out sleeves. Shoulder seams must be at least the width of the individual’s 4 fingers. Girls’ necklines will be no more than 1 hand-width below the neck. No skin or undergarments may be visible around the armholes, waist, or hips.

  • Shorts, Skirts and Dresses – All skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 1 inch above the top of the kneecap. (The best test is to get down on your knees and measure 2 inches from the floor.) If a dress is worn without sleeves, it must meet the same standard as above. Shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the kneecap.

  • Pants and Jeans – No pants or jeans with holes may be worn. Pants need to be worn at the hip. No underwear may be visible.

  • All Clothing – All clothing and accessories with skulls or other “cultic” or “gothic” designs, profanity, or vulgarity are prohibited. Hats worn in the classroom are permitted at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Dress Code Offense Policy – All members who do not dress in accordance with the above guidelines will be asked to change clothes or cover up.

Gun Policy

The state of Kansas allows “conceal and carry”. Life HM requires anyone that chooses to conceal and carry to have their weapon strapped to their person at all times during any LIFE HM event or activity. 

Name Tags

We ask that you wear a nametag while in the building at all times. You will retrieve your nametag each week from the check-in table. For children 2 and under the nametag may be worn on their back.

Special Requests or Exceptions

We realize that some families have special circumstances or needs. Life HM would like to show grace when needed, but at the same time we must have a consistent standard. If you have a special request or need please fill out an Exception Request Form. The request will be reviewed by leadership at which time it will approve your request, suggest other options, or simply deny the request. All approved requests are only approved for one semester. A new request will be submitted for approval each semester.

Conduct Offense Policy

A warning shall constitute the teacher coming eye level with the child letting them know that they are receiving a warning and that the teacher will be talking to the parent.

  • 1st Offense – The first time an offense occurs, the child will be given a warning and the parent will be informed by the teacher. The teacher will then inform the Board of Directors.

  • 2nd Offense – The second time the offense occurs, the child will be removed from the class for the rest of the day. The Board of Directors will meet with the parents.

  • 3rd Offense – The third time the offense occurs, the child will not be allowed to attend co-op for the semester. A written letter will be distributed to the family as well as a meeting with the family, the Board of Directors, and one additional member of the Core Team.

The exception to our Conduct Offense Policy will be in the preschool class. During the course of a day, the child will receive a warning and then a time-out for an offense. If it happens a 3rd time in a day they will be taken to their parents and that will be their first offense warning under the Conduct Offense Policy.

Signature Agreement

“We, as parents, have read this entire policy and have explained it to all children who will be attending Life Homeschool Ministries. If any member of our family does not abide by the above policy guidelines we understand that consequences may occur. Our family agrees to abide by the policies stated herein and established by the leadership of Life Homeschool Ministries. We all agree to follow the entire contents of this policy. We also have read and agree to the Statement of Faith provided by Life Homeschool Ministries. We understand that if our child is injured while attending Life Homeschool Ministries classes or a Life Homeschool Ministries event that Life Homeschool Ministries is not held liable for their injury. The signature page is to be digitally signed each school year by both parents and all children ages 13 years and older attending classes at Life Homeschool Ministries. Membership is confined to those in agreement with the tenets set forth on the Membership Application.”